Holyoke is happening.

There is a new energy in the air. Creative, innovative people are moving into this welcoming, deeply-rooted community and together they are creating a thriving and vigorous atmosphere.

Established and developing businesses alike are relocating to take advantage of all Holyoke has to offer— beautiful old brick buildings with affordable space; a high-speed, sustainable, citywide infrastructure suitable for rapid growth; and outstanding support and incentives from the city and state government. Why move anywhere else?

City of Holyoke, Massachusetts:

Holyoke Innovation District: www.innovateholyoke.com

Holyoke Redevelopment Plans: www.holyokeredevelopment.com

Citizens for the Revitalization and Urban Success of Holyoke: www.crushonholyoke.org

Holyoke Chamber of Commerce: www.holycham.com

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