Susannah and Dirk Auferoth

Susannah and Dirk Auferoth


We're Dirk and Susannah Auferoth. We moved to the Pioneer Valley from Brooklyn, N.Y. in 2001 and are very happy to be here.

We bought 532 Main Street in 2012 and named it the Baustein Building. The word baustein means 'building block' in German, and that’s exactly how we see 532 Main Street — as a building block and part of the framework of Hoyoke’s exciting renaissance and revitalization. Originally built in 1898 as a textile factory, the building will continue to be a place where all kinds of people create all kinds of things.

Dirk owns an architectural interior woodwork, cabinetry and furniture studio which he moved to Holyoke from NYC in 2005:

Susannah is a painter, graphic designer, and the owner of Ready Set Go Town®, a toy and mobile app start-up:

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